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I am now offering Irish music students the opportunity to take lessons with me via the internet. These are real time one-on-one lessons that allow us to exchange musical information and ideas via the web. Features include the online lesson, an exchange of mp3 files, written tunes showing bow directions, and more. The beauty of these lessons is the fact that we can see and hear each other, in person, and the feedback is instantaneous. The technical setup is straightforward, and the audio and video feed via the internet is very good.

I am offering these lessons primarily to fiddlers; however, on occasion, non-fiddlers have requested some general musical feedback on their playing, and I've always been happy to accomodate these requests.

If you would like more information, please e-mail me at and I will send you an online lessons overview, plus all the details pertaining to taking online lessons with me. Thank you for your interest.

James Kelly